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“ATEEZ” is celebrating their first anniversary of debut this month; in this short period of time they’ve already made three comebacks with three mini albums and a full EP to conclude their “TREASURE” era.

What a beautiful ending it was with a strong and captivating song, a powerful mesmerizing choreography and when you put all of that together on the stage you will have a performance that will make you crave for more so your finger will click on the replay button nonstop.


I made this short article to let you know what you’re missing out if you’re not an “ATEEZ” fan yet and if you’re already one then it’ll help you notice things you didn’t know before.


First of all, “ATEEZ” have a very unique style of music, they don’t only make good quality title songs their beside tracks are amazing; all the credit goes to the genius solo singer and producer “EDEN”, the songs wouldn’t be perfect without “ATEEZ” powerful vocal line; “JONGHO” strong voice and his high note will make you speechless.

I must suggest you to listen to their four albums; songs like “PROMISE”, “TWILIGHT”, “AURORA”, “DAZZELIN LIGHT” and my favorite song until now “UTOPIA” are main to be  title tracks.

Their songs don’t have usual name such as: “AURORA” and “UTOPIA”, it’s a very interesting point about them, and it’s not the only one their music can heal your soul; with the strong, cheerful and positive lyrics and the sweet and addictive melody, “ATEEZ” have made a plenty of different music style so you’ll find the perfect song for you.


Secondly, it’s their choreographies, in my many years as a k-pop fan I never saw a rookie group delivering such a stage performances like they do, they’ve strong presence and charisma that captivate your eyes until the end, their choreography moves are so smooth and original thanks to their choreographer and performance director the leader of “BBTrippin” team “SANGWOO”, while trying different styles this year, every “ATEEZ” member have showed how he can fit any concepts perfectly.

All of this lead us to the point that their company “KQ entertainment” planned so well their debut; starting from the idea of a series of four part episode albums, the songs, the choreographies, the music videos story line until the stage outfits, their production team is very creative, they’ve an eye on every single detail and they’ve made incredible job.


It’s highly risky to have so many comebacks in on year, you have to worry about staying in the same level and even try to make a better quality, in “ATEEZ” case it was a brilliant idea, every comeback was much better than the other, with every new release I was mind-blowing because when you’re a rookie group you’ve to make a big first impression so people will remember you and wait for your next step that must be planed perfectly so you’ll take a high spot and make people realize how amazing you are, “ATEEZ” didn’t just achieved that, they’ve win first place in two music shows, they’ve been awarded as best performance of the year and on the top of that they’ve earn a lot of love and respect from fans all over the world.


I can’t end this article without speaking about “ATEEZ’s SAN”

“SAN” is born to be on the stage; he is magnificent outstanding and a brilliant performer with a sweet soft voice that will warm your hurt, when he is on stage he is like possessed by the music, his expressions on the stage will make you lose your mind, he is from the few idols that watching them on the stage will make you realize how much dancing is beautiful, when he dances it looks so easy and his movements are so smooth his dancing is artistic.

I love this duality of “SAN”; how cute and baby player he is behind the camera and how strong and fearless he is on stage.

I love the way he enjoy being on the stage and how much he is dedicated to what he do, even if he performed the song ten times he will deliver the same energy as it’s his first.


I really get used to four comebacks in a year for “ATEEZ” I hope they will keep it up like this next year because I can’t imagine myself more than four months without a new song from them.

if you want to read the full post with videos and photos check out my article in my website here is the link:

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